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New York Noir is a field captured world of winter New York City. It was originally designed portable for VR or any other headset.  Each spherical panorama, sound, and background noise comes from the actual city locations. Detective story plot blends together with elements of horror, hidden objects and intellectual quest. You are free to travel within paths and interact with multiple objects. Mobile phone is always available in the inventory for fast city travel, notes and etc. 

Our hero - senior NYPD detective, dealing with heavy case.  For the first time, he doesn`t know  what to do...

The inspiration comes for Max Payne, Seven, Naked City, LA confidential and so many other noir genre games and films. Project is open for public development. Community is anticipated to contribute - following locations voting, suggesting quests and main character profile. The game core and first chapter is complete and available for Android platform. The game is free of charge as well as add free

System Requirements: Android 4.1 and above

Game engine: Unity 3D


1. Whats up with the second chapter?

- The majority of assets are filmed, sounds recorded and script written. We are at the stage of coding and level design.

2. How contribute\collaborate

- Simply post your ideas on this board, or email us directly. Prior to Alpha release, 100% of suggestions were implemented and we thank you for that!  We are surely willing to add you in Authors section.

3. Future plans:

- The game is designed and build as monetization free project. Any voluntarily funds collected will be spent towards the game improvement. Currently we lack a 360 photography equipment, what makes each panorama to be build individually, therefor time consuming.

4. Who we are:

- A team of enthusiast from Brooklyn with a faith in community development and high quality independent game development.

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I would like more if unlocking the next stage and the next stage.😂